August 2007

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Because this section doesn't amount to much without its page design, it is not available here. You can see the Did You Know? page for this month by...



Top Ten Ways to Kill Your Church

Institutionalize. Make sure that the majority of the church budget is used to maintain the existing programs and structure. Don't spend too much on...


Fresh Start

Join the Revolution for Goodness' Sake

I've always thought it would be cool to start my own revolution.

I've had this craving since graduation weekend my senior year in high...



Swing Batter, Batter, Swing!

Recently I was visiting with some of our pastors when one said, "We are due!" He was referring to our conference beginning significant soul winning. Much like a...


North Pacific Union

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Sharing Christ in the marketplace is the motto of Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries (ASI) and sharing the stories of sharing Christ are a big part of what the...


Luther Warren Crooker 1918–2007

Luther Warren Crooker, North Pacific Union Conference treasurer, 1962–75, died April 26, 2007.

A native Northwesterner, Crooker was born...


A Strong Faith for the Journey At the 31st Regional Convocation

Arriving on the campus of Camp Berachah near Auburn, Wash., gave a feeling of anticipation and excitement during the 31st annual Regional Convocation, "A...



Connecting and Reflecting at Rosario Beach

Envision sitting on a beach around an orange and red, crackling campfire on a Sabbath evening. Grandmothers, parents and children are bundled against the cool twilight...



A Legacy of Service New CEO reflects on his vision for Walla Walla General Hospital

1. Monty, in your new position as president and CEO of Walla Walla General Hospital (WWGH), what are your hopes and dreams for this organization?I'm really proud to be here to carry on the great... More

Brinkman Preaches for ShareHIM Evangelistic Series Police Investigator Turns Evangelist

Shaun Brinkman is a man on fire for God, and on April 27, he was the first lay person in the Palmer Church to preach for the ShareHIM evangelism program. Brinkman has worked in law enforcement for... More

Alaska Pathfinder Camporee Osborn Invested as Master Guide

"If your anchor is not holding, maybe it is because you have ignored your need of the Anchor Chain, Jesus Christ," said James Black, North American Division Youth Ministries director. Through the use... More

Boise East Makes Friends, Gains New Members

The mall where the Boise East Church gathers each Sabbath was the site for a recent evangelistic series conducted by Lyle Albrecht, North Pacific Union Conference evangelist. Two attendees were Young... More

Idaho Conference Celebrates 100 Years of Sharing the Light

July 2007 marked 100 years since 500 members in Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon became the Idaho Conference. Camp Meeting Sabbath was a time to celebrate. Jan Paulsen, General Conference president... More

From Phillipines to God A Camp Meeting Story

Bhing: Hi, everybody, my name is Juliet Martell, usually they call me Bhing Martell, I was from the Phillipines.Dimick: One year ago.McPherson: She came here from the Phillipines, and had she heard... More

Kalispell Church Offers Seminars, Evangelistic Meetings

The Kalispell Church has been finding ways to reach their community with various classes and evangelistic efforts, including a depression recovery seminar and cooking class.In March, Tony Moore, The... More

Montana Celebrates The Lord of the Harvest At Camp Meeting 2007

"Are you ready to pray a radical prayer?" Derek Morris, Forest Lake Church (Fla.) senior pastor asked at the evening meetings, "a prayer that will change your life?" Morris, the main speaker for the... More

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Sharing Christ in the marketplace is the motto of Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries (ASI) and sharing the stories of sharing Christ are a big part of what the Spring Fellowship is all about... More

Luther Warren Crooker 1918–2007

Luther Warren Crooker, North Pacific Union Conference treasurer, 1962–75, died April 26, 2007.A native Northwesterner, Crooker was born in Missoula, Mont., the second of 11 siblings who survived to... More

A Strong Faith for the Journey At the 31st Regional Convocation

Arriving on the campus of Camp Berachah near Auburn, Wash., gave a feeling of anticipation and excitement during the 31st annual Regional Convocation, "A Strong Faith for the Journey," May 17–20.... More

Mission Trip to Yucatan No Ordinary Senior Class Trip for Livingstone Students

Livingstone Adventist Academy's seniors came home from their mission trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico with good memories and lasting relationships. The class of 12 went to an area in Cancun... More

Equipping Students sidebar

What the Students Think:Student responses at the end of the year reflect their feelings about the changes made to auto service class.It was by far my favorite class in high school. —Tim Steinhoefel,... More

PACS Welcomes New Director

Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) has new leadership. Leonard Yost joined the organization in May as Executive Director.Yost takes the helm of one of Adventist Community Services' largest... More

Pancakes and Prayers Lents Church Celebrates Youth Transition

The Lents Church celebrated 10 years of Youth Transition with a special program on Sabbath, April 14. Current members of the youth group led out, while a slideshow and videotaped messages from former... More

Equipping Students With Life Skills Auto Service Class—More Than Just Working on Cars

How are a grill, a cam shaft bearing, and prayer related? They usually aren't, unless perhaps you are rebuilding an engine and in need of a miracle.Nestor Celaya and Shawn Murphy, both Milo Academy... More

Vancouver Church is Still Growing… Beards and All

Gene Heinrich, Vancouver Church associate pastor of evangelism and family ministries, made a bold appeal from the pulpit for the men to grow their beards. He was soliciting would-be disciples for the... More

Canyonville Church Offers Self-defense Class

The Canyonville (Ore.) Church Women's Ministries hosted a self-defense class in March lead by Dan Martin and Gary Provencal, Douglas County Corrections deputies. Enrolled in the class were 17 members... More

PAA Senior Projects Hone Positive Character Traits

"It feels good," says Renee St. Clair, a Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) senior. "Kind of intimidating, but definitively good." St. Clair graduated on June 3, along with 60 other seniors, and faces... More

It's Fair Time!

Many Oregon Conference Churches reach out to their communities each summer by participating in local county fairs each summer. Ask your pastor how you can be involved!

Southern Oregon Convocation Broadcast by KBLN

The Seventh-day Adventist churches of southern Oregon and northern California were blessed as they joined Don Schneider, North American Division president, May 4 and 5, via Better Life Television in... More

Love 'n' Hugs Bear Ministry At Grants Pass Adventist School

For the past four years at Grants Pass Adventist School a Valentine's Day tradition has provided a great opportunity to share God's love with others in their community. The students have been giving... More

New Prineville Church Open House and Dedication

Balloons, sharing books and information booths were available for the approximately 200 guests to enjoy who came to the Prineville Church for an open house on Sunday, May 6. A concert by the Crook... More

PAA Students Awarded Nearly $860,000

Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) students received almost $860,000 in scholarship money to continue their educations. The awards were presented on graduation day, June 3.Seniors from the graduating... More

PAA Volunteer in Action

Volunteers at Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) make significant contributions through their time, energy and most of all their compassion.One of those volunteers is Alan Kaiser, proud alumnus and... More

Baptism at Williams Creek

The day was sunny and warm but Williams Creek was icy cold when Robert Heisler, Williams Church pastor, baptized Laura Lee Ferrasci.Prior to her baptism, Ferrasci gave her testimony. She said the... More

To Cuba With Love Sutherlin Church Holds Meetings in Cuba

A group of 10 members from the Sutherlin congregation, plus two members from the Roseburg congregation, set out for the island of Cuba in February to share the love of Jesus with the Cuban residents... More

New Master Guides in Grants Pass

"When God taps you" was the title of the Pathfinder Sabbath Program at the Grants Pass Church Feb. 24. Pathfinders related how God called Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jonah and Elisha. The club's response... More

Upper Columbia Academy Visits Carnegie Hall An Experience of a Lifetime

A group of Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) students, former students, and parents recently returned from a trip to New York City where they performed Jackson Berkey’s work “South Dakota Shadows.” They... More

Quilts of Love Kids at the Northwest Children's Home are Covered

Four women from the Lewiston (Idaho) Church have made it their mission to create handmade quilts to help the more than 80 children at the Northwest Children's Home in Lewiston. In December, the... More

A Time for Every Season In the Fairfield Church

Recent weeks at the Fairfield Church have reminded us of God's words in Ecclesiastes, which tells us that to everything there is a season. This scripture reminds us that our joys and our sorrows, our... More

Finding Peace and Safety A Client's Story

After 17 years of marriage, my husband's controlling and domineering behavior exploded in a terrifying episode of abusive anger. My young son locked himself in the bathroom during the abuse.During... More

Young Disciples' Seventh Mission Experience Participant Decides to be Baptized

I've always wanted to be a missionary. I got a glimpse of mission work on Young Disciples' (YD) Seventh Mission Experience to Quezon, Palawan, Philippines, from Feb. 27 to March 29. We held 14 nights... More

Maximum Perspectives Presidential Blog

A recent addition to the front page of the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) Web site is the presidential blog, Maximum Perspectives. This interactive site provides a venue for Max Torkelsen, UCC... More

It's All About Jesus Sidebar #2

Messiah's MansionMessiah's Mansion is a life-size replica of the Mosaic Sanctuary that God gave instructions for Moses to build in the wilderness. It is a to scale copy of what it would have looked... More

It's All About Jesus Sidebar #1

Community ResultsNumber who visited the Sanctuary: 3,987Number requesting Sanctuary study: 210Number of Bible study requests: 149Vacation Bible School requests: 143Studies in Bible prophecy requests... More

It's All About Jesus Upper Columbia Conference Pathfinder Fair

It started with a vision. After listening to her church pastor preach about the sanctuary, Jeri Hicks was inspired. She shared this with her husband, Wayne Hicks, UCC Pathfinder director, and... More

Creation or Evolution Seminar Impresses Attendees

Most of the 250 attendees were surprised when they entered the gym at the Kettle Falls Middle School and saw the 14 tables loaded with artifacts brought by Doug Newton, M.D., to illustrate his... More

WWC Welcomes New Administrator Ken Rogers Joins the Ranks

Ken Rogers finished his first year as vice president for student administration in June. He is from Collegedale, Tennessee, where he served for the past 16 years as chaplain for Southern Adventist... More

WWC Professor Publishes Book New Commentary on Daniel Released

Zdravko Stefanovic, professor of biblical studies at Walla Walla College, has recently published a book. Stefanovic's new book is a chapter by chapter text-based commentary on Daniel. In his study,... More

WindWorks Fellowship Church Begins a Tradition of Mission Service

Eight church members from the WindWorks Fellowship Church in Lacey, Wash., have started a new tradition: church mission trips.The team went for six days to an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to... More

Seattle Spanish Finds a New Home

After many years of renting and moving, the Seattle Spanish Church recently purchased a facility at 516 N.W. 56th St. in Seattle.Founding pastor Manuel Cabral shared at a special church celebration... More

Auburn Missionaries Build Dormitory in Masai Mara

Earlier this year, 52 individuals—families, Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) students and others—journeyed to Kenya, Africa, to build a girls' dormitory and library at the Olopikidong'oe (o-le-picka-... More

Heathcock Begins and Ends Teaching Career In Washington Conference

Barbara Heathcock began and ended her 40-year teaching career in Washington Conference.Fresh from Walla Walla College, Barbara Grubb began teaching at Seattle Junior Academy. A student introduced her... More

For the Love of the Team AAA Students Attend NBC Team Camp

Three, two, one! The buzzer blared seconds after the Falcons, the girls' basketball team of Auburn Adventist Academy, received possession of the ball, and outmanned, out of position, and utterly... More

Second-grade Students at SAS Pray for 120 Families

Students in Lisa Dills' second-grade class at Skagit Adventist School have completed their first ever "Prayer Tree."The tree was a visual display of their prayers for each family represented at the... More

Will Sing for New School Students Perform for 10 Hours, Raise $45,000

Olympia Christian School (OCS) was built old. After World War II, surplus buildings were brought from Fort Lewis and patched together to create a school. Now, years later, it's time for a new school.... More

Marching Into History Skagit Adventist Academy Graduates First Class of Seniors

More than 40 years ago, a group of people had a vision to start a story of Christian education in the town of Burlington, Wash. Through perseverance and passion, the dream grew as the goal to provide... More

Impact Chorale Visits Brazil

The select choir of Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) recently performed on tour in Brazil. Impact gave five full concerts and seven other appearances.Attendance for concerts was staggering by... More