Bobbie Grimstad

church member

God in Action at Amazing Grace Academy

As the fastest growing Adventist church school in the North Pacific Union Conference, Amazing Grace Academy, in Palmer, Alaska, is experiencing an answer to prayer that h


How to Build a Church with Rhubarb

One thing Alaskans know how to grow is rhubarb, and Becky and George Alder are no exception.


Palmer Members Celebrate Purim Festival

Wearing exotic costumes, members of the Palmer (Alaska) Church celebrated the second annual Purim festival, a joyous, noisy Jewish feast commemorating the brave and beaut


Family Promise Fosters Hope One Family's Story

Johnny White was on his way to pick up Maria and Gavin Lee, their two-and-a-half-year-old son, from a baby shower for Maria when he totaled the truck in a snowy motor veh


Palmer Church Members Help Couple With New Roof

Thirty-three Craftsmen for Christ volunteers replaced a leaking roof for Virginia and Herbert Spreen on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008.


MVAS Museum Project Brings Historical Characters to Life

Palmer Church members and the community had an opportunity to rub shoulders with Queen Elizabeth I at the Living History Museum presented by Sherry Daily, teacher, and th


Mat Valley Adventist School Hosts 'Science Guy' for Week of Prayer

Ben Roy is a man who likes to make things go bang.


Brinkman Preaches for ShareHIM Evangelistic Series Police Investigator Turns Evangelist

Shaun Brinkman is a man on fire for God, and on April 27, he was the first lay person in the Palmer Church to preach for the ShareHIM evangelism program.


Explosion of New Ministries in Palmer Church Ministries Lay Groundwork for Evangelistic Series

Eight new ministries have been added at the Palmer Church in recent months as it starts to lay the groundwork for the ShareHIM evangelistic series this spring.