Kathy Marson

Upper Columbia Conference communication administrative assistant
Upper Columbia Conference

Hundreds of Small Groups Form in UCC

A recipe for a successful weekend conference is to make it convenient for the attendees. But God’s recipe was different in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) recently.


UCC Names New Associate Superintendent

At the July 2018 meeting of the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) executive committee, Archie Harris was voted to be the new associate education superintendent.


UCC Creates New Multicultural Ministries Department

The Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) executive committee invited Walter Pintos-Schmidt in July 2018 to lead a new department — multicultural ministries. This new department will encompass Hispanic,


Retreat Focuses on 'Triumphant Despite Scars'

“During the weekend of the Hispanic Women's Retreat, 'El Retiro de Damas,' the Lord allowed me to touch the edge of His cloak,” says Angelica Vasquez.


Amen Chapter Opens in Upper Columbia Conference

Health ministry in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) continues to be influenced by former health director and obstetrician Jay Sloop.


More Than a Painting Dedicated in Upper Columbia Conference Lobby

More than new artwork was dedicated in the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) office lobby at the past conference executive committee (CEC) on Feb. 22, 2018.


Beginnings of Deary and Troy ACS Centers

The year was 1982, and the place was a little white house behind Deary Church in western Idaho.


Camp MiVoden Receives Award of Excellence

Camp MiVoden in Hayden, Idaho, received the Norm Middag Award of Excellence at the recent Association of Adventist Camp Professionals (AACP) meeting held Nov. 28 to Dec.


Upper Columbia Makes Difference in Houston

A few weeks ago, a group of six individuals from Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) flew to Houston, Texas, to help with the relief efforts there.