Mission Trip to Yucatan No Ordinary Senior Class Trip for Livingstone Students

August 01, 2007 | Jaimie Myaing

Livingstone Adventist Academy's seniors came home from their mission trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico with good memories and lasting relationships. The class of 12 went to an area in Cancun where Hurricane Wilma destroyed much of the already rundown area. This was not the Cancun you see in travel magazines.

The purpose for the trip was to help the church family build a roof, which would hopefully be the base of their second floor some day. Church of New Hope, or Iglesia de Esperanza, had four cemented walls standing on dirt ground. It was a small church of about 30 members. Many of them came and worked side by side with the students every day. It was difficult work, hauling and lifting bricks and shoveling and dumping cement. It was far from an easy process, but all the seniors agreed it was well worth it.

Seeing the project completed was one of the most satisfying things they accomplished. On Sabbath they relaxed and worshipped in the newly roofed church. Leading out in the service, the seniors felt touched to be considered members of the church they had helped to build. They agreed it was no theme park, it was no luxury hotel and entertainment, it was no ordinary senior class trip...it was better!