PAA Students Awarded Nearly $860,000

Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) students received almost $860,000 in scholarship money to continue their educations. The awards were presented on graduation day, June 3.

Seniors from the graduating class of 2007 received a total of $856,961 to continue education at the college and university level. Of that amount, $770,585 was awarded by Adventist institutions and $648,500 is renewable for four years.

Students from the PAA class of 2008 also received scholarship awards to continue their senior year at PAA.

The Kathryn Damazo award, a scholarship worth $1,000 for students who exhibit excellence in health, spirituality and academics, was split between three 11th grade students: Deanna Lemire, Jenae Nelson and Tim Brandes. The Kathryn Damazo award was presented on graduation day by Kim Damazo, husband of the late Kathryn Damazo, a former teacher at PAA. Kathryn Damazo died of breast cancer two and a half years ago.

Jennika Hanson was one of the many graduating seniors who have a passion and gift for service. Hanson's senior project involved organizing a mission to Fiji. Her passion was recognized with The Caring Heart Award for $500. She was also given the PAA Student Service Award.

Tim Brandes was awarded $2,000 by the PAA Committee of 100. In his essay to the committee, Brandes described how the school's motto (Christ-centered, Character-driven) had made an impact on his life. Marilyn Patchin, chair of the Committee of 100 and presenter of the award, said, "Tim was described as very kind, very helpful and caring to others. He holds a high standard of excellence in all areas of schoolwork and is a spiritual influence."

In a thank-you note to the committee, Brandes said, "I feel extremely humbled that I was chosen…. I have the plaque posted in my room to always remind me to be selfless and caring toward others."

August 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference