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January 08, 2020 | Education | Kim Strobel
Art and science are often considered polar opposites, and students can feel the pull to … read more
December 30, 2019 | Missions and Outreach | John Freedman
We are living through some tough times in our country. People are polarized on many … read more
December 27, 2019 | Missions and Outreach | Kevin McGill
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." — John 8:32 My first … read more
Some years ago while attending university, I was faced with a routine question asked of … read more
December 24, 2019 | Christmas | Jay Wintermeyer
I’ve always looked forward to Christmas. My earliest memories of the holiday are filled … read more
December 20, 2019 | mission and outreach | Dick Duerksen
My wife and I belong to a social media group called “Next Door Neighbor.” The posts … read more

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January 15, 2020 | Church | Tara Brooks Stockton
Twenty-three church members signed up for Salem (Ore.) Central Church plant-based … read more
January 14, 2020 | Church | Marie Dahl
The Oroville (Wash.) Church members recently hosted a 35 Days to Good Health program. … read more
January 08, 2020 | Education | Renae Young
It’s been said the family is the heart of the home. At Mount Ellis Elementary School in … read more
December 29, 2019 | Missions and Outreach | Dick Duerksen
Adventist-led organizations conducted a two-day free optical, medical and dental clinic … read more
December 27, 2019 | Church | Cheryl Dondino
Beaverton (Ore.) Church members are constantly looking for mentorship opportunities for … read more
December 26, 2019 | Church | Gerald Margil
“We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has … read more
December 26, 2019 | Church | Gerald Margil
"No tenemos nada que temer del futuro, a menos que olvidemos la manera en que el Señor … read more
December 23, 2019 | Education | Heidi Baumgartner
Nearly 1,000 survey respondents shared their perceptions of Adventist education in … read more

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Note: Click the image above to watch the video During the holiday season of 2019, … read more
When you think of Alaska you mostly think about the below zero temperatures. However, … read more
Note: Click on the image above to start the video This holiday season, Adventist … read more
This month marks the 10th anniversary of Kirsten Wolcott's death. Kirsten was murdered … read more
Growing Young Adventists is a movement to build Seventh-day Adventist Churches where … read more
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Members of Pathfinder Clubs across the NPUC share about their experience and memorable … read more
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