Will Sing for New School Students Perform for 10 Hours, Raise $45,000

Olympia Christian School (OCS) was built old. After World War II, surplus buildings were brought from Fort Lewis and patched together to create a school. Now, years later, it's time for a new school.

Fundraising efforts in the last three years resulted in $60,000 toward the new school. New ideas were needed to boost the fundraising activity.

"Our student performing groups are our niche," said Bruce Justinen, fundraising board member, who suggested a 10-hour performathon with a goal of raising $50,000.

Students wrote letters explaining the need for a new school to prospective sponsors and asking for their help.

In mid-May, more than 80 students, staff and volunteers stepped up to the risers in the Hawk's Prairie Safeway parking lot in Lacey, Wash., promptly at 8 a.m. to sing, "America! America!"

The daylong performances included the school's three bell choirs, an all-school choir, a girls' choir, two sign language choirs, and classroom choirs.

And the people gave! More than $2,000 was collected from people coming to the store. Other responses included parents asking for information about registering their children at OCS, an offer of news coverage in a Christian online newspaper, and a painter who offered to donate paint and his services to paint the new school.

The pledges continue to come in. At the time of writing, the school has received more than $45,000 from the performathon.

August 01, 2007 / Washington Conference