WindWorks Fellowship Church Begins a Tradition of Mission Service

Eight church members from the WindWorks Fellowship Church in Lacey, Wash., have started a new tradition: church mission trips.

The team went for six days to an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to interact with 61 children, ranging in ages from 3 months to 14 years old who have been abused, neglected or simply abandoned.

On Sabbath, the team spent the day showing God's unconditional love—WindWorks style with no strings attached—through craft projects, playing games and doing what the children needed most—just being held.

The group was also able to share God's love through painting more than 20 specially built cribs and beds, painting the outside walls of the orphanage and purchasing shoes, socks and supplies for the children.

All participants agreed this was a life-changing experience and plans are already underway for next year. Where will they be going? Back to Mexico, to the children they grew to love.

August 01, 2007 / Washington Conference