Auburn Missionaries Build Dormitory in Masai Mara

Earlier this year, 52 individuals—families, Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) students and others—journeyed to Kenya, Africa, to build a girls' dormitory and library at the Olopikidong'oe (o-le-picka-dong-way) Mixed Primary Boarding School in the Masai Mara.

Education in Kenya is freely available, but not required. Boys typically receive five years of schooling, and girls are educated for two years. Because of this cultural norm, male students have on-location housing while female students must walk back and forth to their homes, often in danger of being attacked by wild animals.

The new dormitory provides safe housing for 300 female students. The Auburn missionaries provided new bed sheeting, medical services, and Vacation Bible School programming for 600 children.

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August 01, 2007 / Washington Conference

Delray Luce and Ken Wileman, trip participants