Swing Batter, Batter, Swing!

Recently I was visiting with some of our pastors when one said, "We are due!" He was referring to our conference beginning significant soul winning. Much like a baseball player who is in a slump, he begins to feel he's due, his manager feels he's due, even the fans are thinking he's due. He approaches the batter's box with a new sense of mission and odds are he will connect and begin a new hitting streak. We could call it a "Momentum Shift."

How about us? We are due for something of significance to happen, through God's Spirit, to connect us with more people.

Let's take a closer look:

Our Church: There is something we are supposed to be doing. We should be seeking souls. I well remember being lost, addicted, lonely, far from those I loved. To think that someone would be looking for me in that condition is comforting to me today. Our church is the vehicle that Christ used to bring me to Him. Our church is the hope of the communities we all represent. Our church needs to gain some momentum. That will only happen through us.

Our Message: Our message is about preparing a people for the return of Christ. We must stay focused, intentional and be about our Father's business. Distractions must be set aside and we must find ways to share this life-changing message. Always remember people are only one "ask" away from a decision that has eternal ramifications.

Our Future: Years ago I remember a friend saying, "Christ bled and died for us, Dave, we can hemorrhage a little." I take that to mean we can step out of our comfort zone for Him who did so much for us. This beautiful future we have needs to include more people. We must invite, encourage and love people so they can share this future with us.

Our God: God has lost people in His heart and on His mind. He sent His Son to find that which was lost. He's left that to us now. It pleases Him when we share our love for Him with someone who doesn't know Him.

If we've ever stood in that batter's box and swung for the fence we need to do it now. Swing, batter, batter, swing and swing with all your might.

August 01, 2007 / Momentum