Upper Columbia Academy Visits Carnegie Hall An Experience of a Lifetime

August 01, 2007 | Carmen Slavens

A group of Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) students, former students, and parents recently returned from a trip to New York City where they performed Jackson Berkey’s work “South Dakota Shadows.” They were part of a festival chorus performing at Carnegie Hall, accompanied by the New England Symphonic Ensemble and singing under the direction of Almeda Berkey.

Curtis Anderson, UCA’s choral director, prepared the group well for their parts with help from the South Hill Adventist Church where they rehearsed prior to the trip. Several parents joined the students on the trip and enjoyed the Carnegie experience, with one listener saying, “Now I understand why Carnegie Hall has the reputation it does—it is well-deserved, as the music and voices just surround you.”

Jonathan Schreven, a 2007 graduate, exclaimed, “Wow! What an experience! Having the opportunity to go to New York City and hang out with my friends a week after graduation was a blast. But add to that singing on the stage of a world-renowned performing center like Carnegie Hall, and everything gets exponentially better!”

Michael Woodruff, a sophomore this year, had this to say: “Being lucky enough to sing where so many great musicians have performed was incredible. It was an experience that will float way up there in my memory for my whole life.”

The group is grateful for the support and encouragement from all those who helped make this endeavor a reality.