PAA Volunteer in Action

Volunteers at Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) make significant contributions through their time, energy and most of all their compassion.

One of those volunteers is Alan Kaiser, proud alumnus and stepfather of a graduating senior.

For the 18 months, Kaiser has been caring for a small piece of the PAA property. His wife Cherice Kaiser says that he trims bushes and trees, buys and lays bark and even weeds flower beds.

Having past experience in landscaping, Kasier understands how much work it takes to maintain a property. "It's a big piece of land and it's a lot to keep up with," he says. Now a full-time firefighter and paramedic, he feels blessed to have a work schedule that allows him the time to volunteer. "Alan works a 24-hour shift and then he has 48 hours off," explains Cherice Kaiser. "His crazy hours are sort of a blessing."

Alan Kaiser's volunteering has been an inspiration to others. "Alan has a great heart for PAA," says Joe House, alumni president. "His idea of taking on ownership of PAA by providing a little help around the yard is great. I'd like to organize an alumni and friends work-bee to join in on his project."

That goes hand in hand with Kaiser's dream for PAA which involves a passionate group of volunteers who select a spot on campus as their own. "Sort of an 'adopt-a-bed' gardening group," he explains.

Having seen a need at PAA is not the only reason why Kaiser volunteers. Kaiser states it simply, "I love that school. That's why I do it." His wife adds, "Alan experienced the graciousness of PAA as student there. He was able to attend because of scholarships and now he feels a huge burden to give back."

PAA recognizes its need for volunteers like Alan Kaiser. Judges 5:2 says, "When the princes of Israel take the lead, when the people willingly offer themselves—praise the LORD!" (TNIV) Volunteers like Alan Kaiser are worthy of a "praise the LORD."

August 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference