• Analytical and critical thinking
  • Applied problem-solving
  • Ethical reasoning and decision making
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Engaging diversity
  • Active citizenship and community engagement
  • Digital literacy
  • Career management
January 03, 2019 / Education, WWU

Free Peer Tutoring

The SDC provides free tutoring by more than 40 peer tutors in eight major subject areas. The most popular subjects for tutoring are mathematics, languages and writing. The SDC provides more than 1,500 tutoring appointments per quarter.

Living and Learning Support

January 03, 2019 / Education, WWU

Making a good impression seems to come so naturally to Jonathan Fitch, senior mechanical engineering major, that it’s easy to forget there are some skills we all need to practice.

January 03, 2019 / Education, WWU

Crystina Vance came to Walla Walla University two years ago as a transfer student from Chicago. “My mother really wanted me to go to a Seventh-day Adventist college, and so out of all of them I picked this one because of the engineering program. Plus, I have friends here as well,” she says.

January 03, 2019 / Kim Strobel / Education, WWU

Seventh-day Adventist members in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the United States are often conflicted in their view of the constitutional separation of church and state. After all, Christians are no different than the average citizen in favoring that which seems to favor them. But deep concerns accompany any move to nationalize freedoms for one group and restrict them for others.