From Phillipines to God A Camp Meeting Story

Bhing: Hi, everybody, my name is Juliet Martell, usually they call me Bhing Martell, I was from the Phillipines.

Dimick: One year ago.

McPherson: She came here from the Phillipines, and had she heard of Seventh-day Adventists over in the Phillipines, maybe from some relatives or friends?

Bhing: I have a brother who was married to a Seventh-day Adventist girl. When my fiancé (my husband now) came to the Phillipines that is the first time I ever entered an Adventist church there.

McPherson: So you go to the Homedale Church?

Bhing: Yes.

Dimick: Her husband is a member of our church.

McPherson: And she started attending…and what happened?

Dimick: Through the efforts of her family, her in-laws and her husband, she was studying. Then we had this downlink with Momentum and she came every night except one night she couldn't come, she had to work, so the family took the tape home for her to watch.

McPherson: OK, let's get this straight. She's from the Phillipines, she moves to America, gets married, she watches a series of programs that are uplinked from Seattle area and downlinked to the Homedale Church, she comes every night to those meetings, think about the odds. So as a result of these meetings did you make any decisions?

Bhing: The first time I got here Chuck Dimick was giving me some books already, I was trying to read it all, I was encouraged about it and what God was doing in my life. I told my husband when am I going to be baptized? Because I know the church for a year and I need to be baptized you know. I told my husband I want to be baptized and it happened.

McPherson: I find it rather interesting that a girl comes from the Phillipines watches an uplink/downlink program and makes her decision through those meetings. Who knows the circumstances and how far these influences will go in the future if we do our part?

August 01, 2007 / Idaho Conference

Interview transcribed by Amy Kluchesky