WWC Professor Publishes Book New Commentary on Daniel Released

Zdravko Stefanovic, professor of biblical studies at Walla Walla College, has recently published a book. Stefanovic's new book is a chapter by chapter text-based commentary on Daniel. In his study, Stefanovic refrained from letting his own ideas influence how he read the text, allowing it to speak clearly to him.

"You have to be, in some ways, like an artist," Stefanovic observes. "You must pay attention to the details, but keep in mind they are part of the overall picture as well."

Stefanovic's interest in Daniel stems from the fact that it is very important in the Adventist church. It is also one of few bilingual books in the Bible, originally written in both Hebrew and Aramaic, an ancient language which Stefanovic studied extensively in graduate school.

Stefanovic also chose Daniel by request from his brother, Ranko Stefanovic, Andrews University Department of Religion chair. In 2002, Ranko published a commentary on the book of Revelation and asked Stefanovic to compose a similarly styled commentary to be packaged as a set with his own book, Revelations of Jesus Christ.

Multiple cross-cultural experiences have enabled Stefanovic to better understand the cultural aspects of the book of Daniel. Stefanovic has lived in Yugoslavia (now called Bosnia), France, Switzerland, the Philippines and mainland Asia.

Daniel: Wisdom for the Wise was released in May 2007 from Pacific Press Publishing Association.

August 01, 2007 / Walla Walla University