Kalispell Church Offers Seminars, Evangelistic Meetings

The Kalispell Church has been finding ways to reach their community with various classes and evangelistic efforts, including a depression recovery seminar and cooking class.

In March, Tony Moore, The Biblical Word (Chino Hills, Calif.) director, presented a fascinating weeklong archaeology seminar to 80 community members.

Following this seminar, the church offered a time twice a week for four weeks to view the popular 3ABN series The Footsteps of Paul. This short-term evangelistic event created additional opportunities for members to provide follow-up evangelism.

And that is exactly what David Hamm, Sabrina Baskim, Gary Beck and Rob Wiedemann did. They first prepared by attending the training offered by Robert Folkenberg in Bozeman, Mont., in order to conduct a Bible Prophecy Seminar just like ShareHIM Campaigns presented around the world.

In May, David Hamm was the first to lead out in a series of evangelistic meetings held over four weekends.

August 01, 2007 / Montana Conference