New Master Guides in Grants Pass

"When God taps you" was the title of the Pathfinder Sabbath Program at the Grants Pass Church Feb. 24. Pathfinders related how God called Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jonah and Elisha. The club's response was summed up in the words of the song "I am Willing, Lord." This year six new candidates answered God's tap by completing the requirements to become Master Guides.

Three young men enjoyed their Pathfindering experience so much that they wanted to become Master Guides as soon as possible. Gary McGinnis is a third-generation Master Guide, along with his sister Melissa McGinnis Akers. Travis O'Reilly and Eric Wagner joined the club in 2002 and have become active, involved teen leaders.

Our older generation candidates, Edward Nelson, Philip Khng and Anna Ermshar were Pathfinders as young people, and now are staff in the Grants Pass Club. Marvin Dirksen, deputy director, who worked to prepare these Master Guide candidates says, "Those boys really worked hard to finish the work. They all worked hard, but especially the boys."

Each year the Grants Pass club prepares a Pathfinder Sabbath program, which involves young people taking part in the entire program. They present their program to the four area churches. Previous year's topics have been Moses, Joseph, "Jesus, this is your life" and early Adventist history.

August 01, 2007 / Oregon Conference