Boise East Makes Friends, Gains New Members

August 01, 2007 | Gerry Essink

The mall where the Boise East Church gathers each Sabbath was the site for a recent evangelistic series conducted by Lyle Albrecht, North Pacific Union Conference evangelist. Two attendees were Young and Jordan, brothers whose family operates an Asian restaurant in the mall. They eagerly waited for the meetings to start each evening and actively participated in the children's programs. Though they were not baptized, the seed was definitely planted. If only you could have seen their eyes light up as they received their very own Bibles! Since the end of the series, the boys have attended the Bible study meetings that are continuing each Tuesday evening.

The series, which had run five nights a week for four weeks, concluded May 12 with 11 baptized. Three children also gave their hearts to God as a result of the encouraging and educational children's program that corresponded with Albrecht's meetings and topics.