Creation or Evolution Seminar Impresses Attendees

August 01, 2007 | Lee Holmes

Most of the 250 attendees were surprised when they entered the gym at the Kettle Falls Middle School and saw the 14 tables loaded with artifacts brought by Doug Newton, M.D., to illustrate his lectures on creation or evolution. For 10 hours, the participants endured hard gymnasium bleacher seats to hear Newton's fascinating facts in support of the Genesis accounts of creation and Noah's flood.

As head of the ER department at Walla Walla General Hospital, Newton is a busy physician, but he has a passion for sharing his hobby of collecting pre- and post-flood artifacts and talking to groups in support of the Biblical account. His opening lecture Friday evening, "Mount St. Helen's Smokes the Beagle," was the glue that kept everyone in their seats until he finished Sabbath evening with "Astronomy and the Bible."

The lecture series had been widely advertised, and many community members attended. It was scheduled to attract interest in an Amazing Facts prophecy seminar with speaker Jason Sliger, scheduled for the following week.