Banana Box Bargains Holds Grand Opening

February 19, 2019 / Eve Rusk / community service

What happens when ideas, church members and an unstoppable force get together? At the Payette (Idaho) Church, it’s Banana Box Bargains.

The Payette Church has had a community services ministry for many years. Some members were looking for a different direction, something with more community contact. Enter Charleen Williams, wife of Howard Williams, the Payette Church pastor.

Sunnyside Holds International Day Celebration

Anticipation and eagerness was in the air, and people greeted each other with an extra sparkle in their eyes and warmth in their voices. Soon Sunnyside Church’s Jan. 26, 2019, church service in Portland, Ore., began with flags from 35 different countries proudly carried to the front of the church, each by someone who claimed that nationality. Most were thrilled to be dressed in traditional clothing from their nation, and each flag bearer was accompanied by someone carrying a Bible.

New Director Welcomed to Better Life Broadcasting

Better Life Broadcasting Network, based in Grants Pass, Ore., has named Charles Oliver as its new director. Oliver began work on Jan. 22, 2019, at the invitation of the ministry’s board of directors.

Oliver is replacing Kip Bradford, who has accepted an invitation to serve as pastor for the nearby Gateway and SonRise churches. Bradford’s skilled leadership has guided the ministry through some challenging times as they have worked with the FCC’s decision to adjust ownership and delivery processes for all low-power television frequencies in the United States.

Young Adults Find Community Empowerment at Retreat

It began with a dream from a young adult — dream to bring this generation’s western Washington young adults together and build a stronger community to take action. And that’s what nearly 140 young adults did at the Young Adult Retreat in January.

Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash., was buzzing with excitement as young adults from all over western Washington and beyond and from southern Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, began to arrive for a weekend of community, spiritual rejuvenation and empowerment.

Sunnyside Holds Night of Wonder, Night of Joy

February 14, 2019 / Warren Rushold / Church, Christmas, musical

The Dec. 22, 2018, worship service at the Sunnyside Church in Portland, Ore., consisted of the Christmas musical Night of Wonder, Night of Joy by Ruth Elaine Schram. The musical presentation celebrates the wondrous miracles surrounding the birth of the Savior and captures the spirit of the season. Additional features of the service were several traditional Christmas carols and the lighting of the fourth Advent candle, representing love. Previous Advent candles were hope, joy and peace.

Deer Park Adventurers Learn Bells

February 13, 2019 / Kathy Marson / Pathfinders, Youth

The Deer Park Adventurer Club recently began learning to play bells. This is great fun for the children and staff and is one more way to share the God-given gift of music with their own congregation and other churches in the Spokane, Wash., area. The choir played “Joy to the World” for the Deer Park Church congregation during the recent Christmas program and is scheduled to play in two other area churches. These kids enjoy sharing Jesus with others.

Evangelism Series 'REVEALs' Personal Church Mission

February 13, 2019 / Shavonne Samuels / Church, Evangelism

Have you ever come to a crossroad or felt stuck in your life and prayed, “God, what is your plan for me?” Mount Tahoma Church in Tacoma, Wash., addressed this very question by hosting an evangelism series called “REVEAL — Knowing God’s Plan for Your Life.” Through much prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit, the one-week series with dynamic speaker Michael B. Kelly, pastor of Mount Rubidoux Church in Riverside, Calif., led to many blessings, including 14 baptisms. 

Forest Park School Creates Culture of Kindness

It all began in August when the sixth through eighth grade students of Forest Park Adventist Christian School in Everett, Wash., decided to become secret agents of kindness. They each chose an agent name and as a class decided on acts of kindness they could perform at school, such as smiling at everyone they meet, picking up litter around the school, writing letters of affirmation to the staff or fellow students, and giving flowers or compliments every day.