June 2007

Did You Know?

JUNE Did You Know? Good Food Word Find Puzzle

Because this section doesn't amount to much without its page design, it is not available here. You can see the Did You Know? page for this month by...



Destined for Heaven

In the 19th and early 20th century, steam locomotives chugged along miles of track in the United States. The boilerman, or fireman, would feed coal to the fire which...


Fresh Start

Cross that Bridge

Ever wonder if you're good enough to be saved?

Oh, you're working at it all right. You volunteer at the soup kitchen. You go to Sabbath...



Picture Perfect Marie Carswell Sees a New Picture of Jesus

It’s her first time to be interviewed.

Marie Carswell sits nervously on her couch in her studio apartment, the window open behind...



Changes in California Health Care Saying Goodbye to Paradise Valley Hospital

In 1904 when founders established the sanitarium that would eventually become Paradise Valley Hospital (PVH), life was dramatically different compared to today. The average person's life expectancy... More

"It's the Work of the Holy Spirit"

"You are a Christian, right?" Tim asked Stefani at the coffee shop. "Would you like to have Bible studies?"Tim and Linda Carleton had started going to Hillside Church's Wednesday prayer meeting... More

Petersburg Children's Choir's First Performance

The Petersburg Church has started a community children's choir. Their first performance was on April 3 when they sang for the Southeast Alaska campmeeting program. The choir sang three numbers,... More

Explosion of New Ministries in Palmer Church Ministries Lay Groundwork for Evangelistic Series

Eight new ministries have been added at the Palmer Church in recent months as it starts to lay the groundwork for the ShareHIM evangelistic series this spring. Here's a little bit about the different... More

Cowboy Camp Meeting Fun, Reaches Community

A beautiful, refurbished barn located on the Big Bear Ranch in Donnelly, Idaho, was the setting for the second annual "Cowboy" Camp Meeting, hosted by Kit and Donna Cave and Ron and Linda Crockett.... More

Frank Mosman Joins Eagle

Frank Mosman and his wife Elaine have lived in the Emmett, Idaho, area for many years. Elaine has been a longtime member of the Eagle Church, and Frank has attended many evening meetings and several... More

Baptism in a Stock Tank

For about six years, Rodney and Carol Blake had been attending the Mountain Home (Idaho) Church without formally becoming members. Then in September 2006, they made their decision for the Lord and... More

Tim and Karen Roosenberg Join Eagle New Pastor for Eagle and Garden City

Tim and Karen Roosenberg have accepted the position as the new pastoral team for the Eagle Church. The Roosenbergs come from the Chesapeake Conference where Tim was the pastor for the Blythedale and... More

Faith In Focus Forum The World Through Son-glasses

Living in Montana offers many opportunities to view evidences of a worldwide flood as well as dinosaur remains and many other fossils. The Faith In Focus Forum held March 30–31 in the Great Falls... More

Glendive Students Share the Gift of Music

Tears ran down the face of the woman holding the stuffed animal at the adult group home in Glendive, Mont. It was the middle of January and the students at Valley View Christian School had gone to... More

Commission Culture Gains Momentum

Momentum for Commission Culture in the Oregon Conference is building as more and more members are actively engaging in personal witnessing. And many times, engaging in Commission Culture is so deeply... More

Oregon Commission for the Blind Salutes 17 CHIP Graduates in Fellowship Hall Ceremony

Sunnyside Church hosted a graduation on April 4. In the presence of 40 family and friends, 17 people received certificates showing that they had completed another CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement... More

Thirty-Hour Famine at Milo Students Give up Food to Relate to the Less Fortunate

Even just the idea of not eating for 30 hours can make a stomach growl. What took place starting on Friday, March 2, at 1 p.m. and ended on Saturday, March 3, at 7 p.m. was a life-changing experience... More

Canvasback Missions Teams Provide Orthopedic and Dental Care to Ebeye Islanders

Two Canvasback Missions teams recently returned from the tiny, but crowded, island of Ebeye in the Marshall Islands of Micronesia. The orthopedic team performed 10 total knee replacements, 20... More

PAA Students Offer Hope To Katrina Survivors

Portland Adventist Academy (PAA) brought hope to a struggling community during spring vacation. Gale Crosby, school principal, his wife Sharon, who organized the trip, and Linda Neel, band and choir... More

New Prineville Church Opens

The brand-new Prineville Church building opened its doors to the congregation and guests for the first time March 17. More than doubling the attendance, about 165 adults and 30 children came to... More

Campestre en Gladstone 2007 Inspiración

Están invitados al Campestre en Gladstone que se llevará a cabo del 17 al 21 de Julio de 2007. El enfoque de este año será Inspiración y como Dios nos comunica a cada uno de nosotros su plan eternal... More

Frank Sherwin Speaks About Creation

The Science of Intelligent Design came alive in an exciting and powerful way on April 7, at the Grants Pass Church, as many people from the community came to listen to popular speaker Frank Sherwin... More

Bible Worker Arrives in Prineville

The Prineville Church is excited to welcome Bible worker, Hugh Barton, his wife Alyssa, and their children Amber and Tyler to our community. Hugh, who has an excellent track record with the Sunnyside... More

Digging Up the Future

The Gladstone Park Church, The Mission College of Evangelism, and the Oregon Conference sponsored an evangelistic series, "Digging Up the Future," which was held in the church from March 17–April 14... More

"Chief Principal" Honored At Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Dennis Shelton, Bonners Ferry School principal, and his wife Pam were surprised and honored at a church dinner in the Ben Shelton Memorial Gymnasium on March 31.The Sheltons have spent eight years in... More

The Many Faces of Healing Upper Columbia Conference Health Conference

Healing methods are changing. Have you noticed? Are the alternative healing methods a better choice for Seventh-day Adventists? Who is to say one method is OK while another is not? Why all the fuss?... More

Yakima Adventist Christian School Hosts Grandparent Gala

In April, Yakima Adventist Christian School (YACS) invited grandmas, grandpas, great-grandmas and great-grandpas to enjoy a special program just for them. About 50 or 60 people attended the... More

Inchelium Youth Help Others With Shoe Boxes for Children

As the Inchelium juniors and youth arrive each week for Sabbath School they head for the basket to fill out a special paper. This slip of paper allows them to accumulate points for things done during... More

Teddy Bears in Juvenile Hall?

Members of the Athol (Idaho) Church handed out almost 100 teddy bears to residents of the Martin Hall Juvenile Detention Facility in Medical Lake, Wash., last Christmas.Here's how it came about:... More

Safety, Security and Healing Cookie's Retreat Center Touches Lives

Cookie's Retreat Center is in its fifth year of serving women and children of faith who are victims of abuse. Each month we receive touching letters from our previous clients. I thought I would share... More

Three Young People Baptized at Kettle Falls

A special "Youth Sabbath" at the Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church on March 31 culminated in the baptism of three of its young people, Steven and Matthew Shaffer, and Hannah Steck. Kent and Belinda Lowry,... More

Adventurers and Pathfinders at Deer Park Church

"With such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish, how soon the message of a crucified, risen, and soon coming Savior might be carried to the whole world! How soon might the... More

Cle Elum and Ellensburg Churches Host Book Fair to Reach Community

Outreach in a highly diverse community can be a challenge. Ellensburg is a farming community, a college town, and a retirement area, lacking the amenities of other towns of similar size, but having a... More

Pure Royalty A Mission Experience Through the Eyes of One UCA Student

The man walked unsteadily up to the front of the church. He didn’t look like much—his clothes were old and a bit dirty—and his 88 years were taking their toll. But to the listening ear, he had... More

First International Tour Steel Drums in Bermuda

Shortly before midnight on March 14, 15 people boarded a quiet plane. The members of the Walla Walla College (WWC) Steel Drum Band drifted off to sleep or into the world of satellite television as... More

Washington ABC Part of Vegetarian Food Festival

Washington Adventist Book Center once again participated in VegFest, a large annual vegetarian festival at the Seattle Center.As VegFest has grown, it has become a tremendous opportunity for... More

"The Best Feeling in the World" PSAA Scholars Build a School

When a mother in the Dominican Republic decided to offer her children an Adventist education in her home, things started to happen. Word spread about the quality of education her children were... More

Starving to Serve Enumclaw Church Youth Fast 30 Hours

For most of us it's hard to imagine what it's like to feel true, unrelenting hunger, but youth in Enumclaw have a better understanding of what 852 million malnourished people worldwide experience.In... More

Cracking Open a Promise Ministry Center Distributes Easter Egg Promises

A woman cradled a colorful plastic Easter egg in her hand when she approached a member of 24/Seven Ministry Center in Bellevue, Wash. She had cracked opened an Easter egg with a Bible promise, a link... More

Adventist Rodders Club Celebrates Milestone, Marks 10th Anniversary

This June will mark the 10th anniversary for the Adventist Rodders Club (ARC), since it was 10 years ago when a handful of couples at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting decided to form a network of... More

AAA Students Commit Their Lives to Christ

Each time a decision is made to follow Jesus, there is great cause for celebration. At Auburn Adventist Academy, many students this year have decided to take a stand and commit their lives to Christ.... More