Three Young People Baptized at Kettle Falls

A special "Youth Sabbath" at the Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church on March 31 culminated in the baptism of three of its young people, Steven and Matthew Shaffer, and Hannah Steck. Kent and Belinda Lowry, who had joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church a few years ago by profession of faith, were rebaptized.

The Shaffer family had recently come from Romania, so for Steven, 15, and Matthew, 13, completing a series of Bible lessons in English was a considerable challenge. Lee Roy Holmes, retired pastor, who monitored their progress, says they did as well as most for whom English is their native language. Because Ken LeBrun, Kettle Falls pastor, had been called away, Holmes baptized the whole group.

Speakers for the worship service were Heather and Melia Chamberlain and Christian Reeves, each presenting one of the Three Angels' Messages. Ryan Wilder, recently returned from a mission trip to Borneo, gave a genuine "personal ministries" report. Superintendent Amanda Chamberlain led out in the Sabbath School program with a number of able assistants. Youth also served as elders, deacons and greeters.

Of all the blessings God has bestowed on our growing Kettle Falls Church family, we place our dedicated youth near the top. And, of course, that too is due in large part to the mentoring and modeling by our youth leaders, Gene and Brenda Chamberlain, and Ron and Gwen Reeves.