Byron Fesler

Desert View Christian School home and school director

Students Lay Wreath At Tomb of Unknowns

Recently 24 students and adults from four Idaho Conference elementary schools took a two-week school fieldtrip to Washington, D.C., from March 24–April 8.


God's Miracle Playground Desert View Christian School

A dedication ceremony for “God’s Miracle Playground” was held on Dec. 18, 2010, at 12:30 p.m.


Baptism in a Stock Tank

For about six years, Rodney and Carol Blake had been attending the Mountain Home (Idaho) Church without formally becoming members.


Desert View Christian School Graduation First Student Completing all Eight Grades

Desert View Christian School (DVCS) in Mountain Home, Idaho, held its graduation celebration in honor of graduate Megan Fesler, the first student to complete all eight gr


Desert View Students Grasp Nature in Their Own Hands

Desert View Christian School student Kierianna Chavez holds a hummingbird in her hand while Sierra Ferrier watches.