Adventist Rodders Club Celebrates Milestone, Marks 10th Anniversary

This June will mark the 10th anniversary for the Adventist Rodders Club (ARC), since it was 10 years ago when a handful of couples at Washington Adventist Camp Meeting decided to form a network of car enthusiasts.

Since its start in 1997, the organization has grown to more than 450 families and participates in events in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and soon in Arizona. Members have a special interest in vehicles such as street rods, classic cars, motorcycles or convertibles.

Adventist Rodders Club isn’t just a social club—it’s a ministry. ARC members share with others about God's love for them by comparing how a car enthusiast recognizes value in a rusty piece of junk and sees the potential as a restored classic of great value. In their travels across North America, members use this analogy to explain how Christ sees our potential and wishes to "restore" each of us into His image. In sharing this message, ARC members also hand out a flyer with information on Adventist beliefs and how to join the club.

The club provides a neutral environment for Christian fellowship and club events often dovetail with a major car show such as NSRA Street Rod Nationals, Goodguys or regional car shows. For national shows covering a weekend, ARC provides an opportunity to step away from the secular activities during Sabbath. Club members often will visit an area Adventist church and help provide part or all of a worship service.

ARC activities include Sunday afternoon “Show 'n' Shine” shows; cruises; church, school, camp meeting, and alumni weekend car shows; and treasure hunts where participants cruise through the countryside looking for clues to Bible verse riddles. ARC also attends regional and international Pathfinder camporees, and once used a car show as an attention-getter for a convention-style evangelistic series.

To join the “Christ Restores” ministry of the Adventist Rodders Club, sign up for free at or e-mail for more information.

June 01, 2007 / Washington Conference