Picture Perfect Marie Carswell Sees a New Picture of Jesus

It’s her first time to be interviewed.

Marie Carswell sits nervously on her couch in her studio apartment, the window open behind her and a slight breeze flowing in and out. The videographers make the final lighting adjustments, power up the cameras and hand Marie a microphone to attach to her clothing. The interview begins, and Marie shares her story.

A year ago she moved from Georgia to Washington to care for her mother. When her mother died, Marie just stuck around and began establishing a new life in Auburn.

Marie, who had a Baptist background and wasn't currently connected with a church, was depressed and without hope when a Bible study invitation came in the mail. She filled it out and sent it in. A few days later, two ladies called on her and set up the first Bible study.

They met every week and studied about Jesus and how He could give Marie hope for the future. “I learned a lot about God that I didn’t know before,” Marie said.

She longed for a network of friends. “I was so lonely,” she recalled. “I didn’t have any friends because I had just moved here.”

Her new friends invited her to a ladies' night out at a restaurant where Marie met nearly 20 additional friends. Soon after, Marie was invited to attend church and enjoyed meeting even more people, though adjusting to wearing a dress and heels was a bit of a challenge.

Marie, who doesn't drive, begged her rides to pick her up early each evening so she could attend Snapshots of the Savior, where she won a Bible concordance one evening and received a copy of The Desire of Ages for attending at least six of eight evenings.

On the final evening of Snapshots of the Savior, Marie Carswell gave a public testimony of her commitment to Jesus Christ through baptism. And the best part: “I don’t have to be lonely anymore because Jesus is there for me.”

June 01, 2007 / Momentum

Heidi Martella, Washington Conference communication intern