Inchelium Youth Help Others With Shoe Boxes for Children

As the Inchelium juniors and youth arrive each week for Sabbath School they head for the basket to fill out a special paper. This slip of paper allows them to accumulate points for things done during the week and at Sabbath School.

They earn points by bringing their Bible, their quarterly, being on time, having their own personal devotion each day, studying their lessons and more. If they recite their memory verse word perfect to a teacher, they earn two points.

Each quarter the class has a memory project, which is to memorize a Bible chapter. The students earn five extra points as they memorize and recite sections of the chapter.

Last quarter, instead of receiving prizes for themselves for earning points, the students were able to pick items from the ADRA catalog to help others. They were doubly rewarded: studying their lessons and learning memory verses benefited themselves, and they were able to help others at the same time. They chose flip flops for a child, a hand pump for a village, school books for a child, a mattress, electrolyte solution for a sick child and more.

The class is working on a similar project this quarter. Each youth brings a decorated shoe box to leave at class. Each week as they accumulate points, they pick items from a class box to put in their shoe boxes. Items might include small toys, healthy snacks, toothbrushes, combs, hair clips, pencils and other essential items.

The class is coordinating this project with International Children's Care, who will be forwarding their boxes on to their children's village in San Salvador.