AAA Students Commit Their Lives to Christ

Each time a decision is made to follow Jesus, there is great cause for celebration. At Auburn Adventist Academy, many students this year have decided to take a stand and commit their lives to Christ.

Karissa Rogers, a junior from Lake Stevens, Wash., made her decision to be rebaptized after attending the Snapshots of the Savior evangelistic meetings. "I wanted to be baptized because the Holy Spirit had been pressing on my heart to take a stand for God and not be afraid to claim Him as my Savior," she said. She was baptized with senior student Cynthia Neumann of Seattle.

Earlier in the year, Ryan Pool of Nome, Alaska, and Rose Currie of Bothel, Wash., were baptized at the Academy Church. Nicole Bartlett, from Orting, Wash., was baptized while on a mission trip to the Philippines.

"This school year, I've really felt God's presence in my life," said Ashlie Heilbrun, junior student from Fife, Wash. "When the call was made, I felt an impression on my heart and was compelled to go up front." Heilbrun, who is considering rebaptism, said that being in AAA's gospel choir has really made her feel closer to God.

Part of AAA's mission statement says that "...Through competent, compassionate teaching we endeavor to guide students that they may become of Christ convicted, to Christ committed, for Christ compelled." As Auburn's mission is being fulfilled by the decisions being made for Christ, Auburn Adventist Academy gives glory to God for the many students who are allowing God to have their hearts and their lives.

June 01, 2007 / Washington Conference