Cowboy Camp Meeting Fun, Reaches Community

June 01, 2007 | Mickey Meyer

A beautiful, refurbished barn located on the Big Bear Ranch in Donnelly, Idaho, was the setting for the second annual "Cowboy" Camp Meeting, hosted by Kit and Donna Cave and Ron and Linda Crockett. Tents, campers and cabins housed the approximately 75 folks from several states who attended. The dress code was simple: boots, Wranglers and Brush Popper shirts.

Mickey Meyer, retired pastor and rancher, was the main speaker, in addition to local area pastors of various faiths. Skip Meyer of Post Falls, Idaho, served as the master of ceremonies and kept the programming on track.

Frank and Barb Maas of Midvale, Idaho, coordinated a broad spectrum of gospel music with a Western flavor. Nick Hilton, a pastor from Weiser sang, and local ranchers Rusty and Carey Allison treated us with their singing, guitar and bass fiddle. Also, area musicians and several country gospel bands from several states joined the fun.

The camp meeting has been a wonderful outreach to the people in the area, leading to Bible studies with people from several faiths who have attended.

From the Cowboy Camp Meeting, a new cell group, the Long Valley Christian Fellowship, has started meeting at the Donnelly City Hall on Sabbath mornings. The group is informal and draws people who might not feel comfortable dressing up and going to a church.

"We are here to reach the community and share Jesus with as many folks as we can," says Donna Cave.

The next Cowboy Camp Meeting will be held the first weekend in August 2007. For more information, call Donna at (208) 325-3167.