Safety, Security and Healing Cookie's Retreat Center Touches Lives

Cookie's Retreat Center is in its fifth year of serving women and children of faith who are victims of abuse. Each month we receive touching letters from our previous clients. I thought I would share just a few with you here:

A year ago this month I was exploring, through a friend, the possibility of utilizing your facility for myself. It was a scary thought, but the benefits were more than I can adequately say. Several times I've wanted to contribute a small amount in a tangible way, especially when I heard you might have to close for lack of funds. It seemed that the $5 or $10 I could come up with wouldn't help you stay open or start up again. However, please find the enclosed check. I know it won't help you staff or run this vital ministry, but you will know I'm one of your "salvaged" graduates. Things are still a little rough at times, but I have more tools for coping, and I have experienced a validation, safety and caring that can never be taken away. I shudder to think where I might have ended up otherwise! Sometimes just remembering being at Cookie's Retreat Center helps me sleep at night. God bless you all!

—An Adventist pastor's wife

I was unpacking my boxes as I moved into my apartment this last week, and I came across the quilt I received when I was at Cookie's. I just sat down and wrapped up in it for a few minutes. It felt like a big warm, safe hug. Thank you so much for all you did for me!

—A 2006 client