Cracking Open a Promise Ministry Center Distributes Easter Egg Promises

A woman cradled a colorful plastic Easter egg in her hand when she approached a member of 24/Seven Ministry Center in Bellevue, Wash. She had cracked opened an Easter egg with a Bible promise, a link to the church Web site, and some chocolates the ministry center had distributed. As she read the promise, something touched her heart and she could barely contain herself. Moved by the promise, she came back, tears in her eyes, to request an Easter egg for her daughter.

A discipleship class at 24/Seven, The Path 401, developed this Easter egg promise outreach after discussing natural and fun ways to share their faith. Participants in the fourth step of discipleship are challenged to explore ways to reach the community and influence someone’s walk with Christ.

To put this lesson into action, the class filled Easter eggs with Bible promises as a practical way of sharing the word of Christ. Group leaders and participants alike agreed that this gesture of kindness proved to be a fun and simple way to share their faith.

June 01, 2007 / Washington Conference