August 2016



As you look out across the landscape of our country and our world, it is enough to produce the biblical description of “men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which...




What About the Laptop?

Interesting article on grace by Pastor Weber in this month's issue of the Gleaner [Perspective,...


Shadow Empire Series Impacts the Northwest

In today’s media-saturated, on-demand landscape, many people wonder if evangelism still works. With all the choices people have at home, is it even possible to get them to walk through the doors...


Let's Talk


Before the age of multiblade, aloe-infused, disposable razors, there was the “safety” razor. A vast improvement over the venerable but temperamental straight-edge razor, this implement was a thing...


North Pacific Union

Convocation Celebrates 40 Years of Blessings

Hundreds of multicultural Northwest members gathered May 12–15 in Auburn, Wash., for the 40th annual North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) regional convocation with a theme of "The Time Is Now."...



Fame Rush

This summer, conference administrators allowed me to speak in the adult auditorium at camp meeting — the “adult table.” The experience left me with a variety of new things to reflect on.



When the Canaries Stop Singing

Before modern technology, coal miners placed canaries in cages throughout their subterranean tunnels as an early warning against the invasion of carbon monoxide. The toxic gas often seeped into...



La Gran Comisión

“Y Jesús se acercó y les habló diciendo: Toda potestad me es dada en el cielo y en la tierra. Por tanto, id, y haced discípulos a todas las naciones, bautizá... More

Memory Care Facilities Stimulate Memories With Innovative Spaces

Parkview Memory Centers are using innovative activities and experiences to stimulate memories in Alzheimer’s and dementia residents. The centers are located at Generation's Wheatland... More

Students Enjoy Outdoor School, Alaskan-Style

How do you outperform an outdoor school experience for students who live in a most magnificent outdoor environment? It really is a pleasurable feat, when you work with teachers and... More

Amazing Grace Academy Graduates Second Senior Class

Amazing Grace Academy (AGA), located in the scenic Matanuska Valley not far from Anchorage, is the Alaska Conference’s only 12-grade academy. Recently it held its second 12th-grade graduation... More

Answered Prayers Keep Student in Adventist School

*For many families, affording Adventist education is a financial struggle. It often means giving up other things, like dinners out or family vacations to make sure their children have a Christian... More

Nine Baptized at Idaho Camp Meeting

Idaho Conference Camp Meeting 2016 was actually an Evangelism Summit. Jose Rojas of MOVEmentum spoke for both the Spanish-language and English-language meetings, which required some time adjustments... More

Mount Ellis Holds Cave Quest VBS

The Mount Ellis Vacation Bible School presented this summer was attended by almost 40 kids from Bozeman, Mont. Organizer Linda Schaffner worked with Angela Ellis and a team of youth and... More

Native American Camp Meeting Held in Poplar

Native Camp Meeting was held in Poplar this year. About 60 adults attended the meetings on Sabbath, and 12 children met with Kevin McDaniel. We were privileged to have the Greet the Dawn... More

Starkebaums' Service Recognized

The Montana Conference board of directors specially recognized Ed and Juanita Starkebaum for their years of service to Mount Ellis Academy and the Montana Conference.  Ed has served... More

Convocation Celebrates 40 Years of Blessings

Hundreds of multicultural Northwest members gathered May 12–15 in Auburn, Wash., for the 40th annual North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) regional convocation with a theme of "The Time Is... More

PAA Welcomes New Principal

From a young age, Portland Adventist Academy’s new principal, Sheldon Parris, knew he was being called into ministry work. But he had never thought of education as a ministry until he... More

Former Member Returns Home

As the sun set over the Rogue River on June 3, Carrie Hise stood in that cold water but did not feel cold. A huge smile spread across her face. Pastors Christian Martin and Jim... More

Baptisms Grow Sutherlin Church

The Sutherlin Church has grown by 18 new members in the past 11 months. It all began when then-pastor Ben Bilan taught a Truth Link series in the fellowship hall. Four people were baptized, and ... More

Milo Students Take 'STAND' for God

Although Milo Adventist Academy’s high school worship conference “STAND," scheduled for late January, had to be canceled due to extensive storm damage to Milo’s... More

Evangelistic Series Crystalizes Need for Spanish Church in Grants Pass

The Grants Pass Church Spanish Group concluded a two-week evangelistic series with a baptism on the final weekend. Jose Sanchez was warmly welcomed into the church family on Saturday... More

Redmond, Sisters Get New Pastor

Dave Shasky retired in December 2014 after pastoring both the Redmond and Sisters churches for the past 10 years. That began the hunt for a new pastor. The Redmond Church kept... More

Fall Creek Provides Dental Care to Veterans

On Easter weekend the mobile dental unit of Caring Hands Worldwide swung into action to serve veterans at the Fall Creek Event Center on the local Adventist church campus. Veterans attending... More

Community Service Kicks Off UCC Hispanic Camp Meeting

Members from across Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) spent a week touching their communities through service projects the entire week prior to the annual UCC Hispanic Camp Meeting, which began June 18... More

UCC Schools: Educating for Today and Eternity

Five Tips for Parents The CognitiveGenesis Study done through the Seventh-day Adventist Church has found certain practices to be integral in helping your children excel and learn... More

UCA Students Bring Bible to Life at Camp Meeting, VBS

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) students and alumni helped in a special way to make the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) camp meeting a success when it was held on the school's Spangle, Wash., campus... More

SonBridge: Consistent Mission, Expanded Vision

A little more than 10 years ago, a small group of passionate and visionary Adventists saw an increasing number of unmet needs within the Walla Walla Valley of southeast Washington. An idea formed in... More

Rogers Students Perform Bible Plays

Tonya Wessman’s students at Rogers Adventist School in College Place, Wash., perform Bible plays at the local constituent churches each school year. The students practice... More

Shadow Empire Series Heals

“I was just looking for a way to walk through the door,” explains one person who attended the Shadow Empire series at Idaho's St. Maries Church this spring. She had discontinued... More

Rogers Elementary Welcomes New Staff

Due to two resignations and one retirement, Rogers Adventist School (RAS) in College Place, Wash., needed to find a strings director, third- and fourth-grade teacher, and principal. Melissa... More

WWU Receives Maximum Accreditation for Nursing Program

The Walla Walla University (WWU) School of Nursing was recently granted accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) through the maximum eligible time frame of June... More

WWU Begins Offering Cocurricular Transcript

With the recently introduced cocurricular transcript, Walla Walla University students now have a way to obtain an official verified record of their activities outside the classroom. “... More

Art in Forest Park

The Art Exhibit, the first of its kind at Forest Park Adventist Christian School in Everett, Wash., premiered the evening of May 12. The exhibit showcased more than 250 exciting works produced by... More

Big Picture of Ministry

A K–8 student art exhibit premiered at Forest Park Adventist Christian School in Everett on May 12. Under the direction of volunteer art teacher Maria Hamilton, the exhibit showcased 250... More

Buena Vista Students Assist Pediatric Center

For three years now, students from Buena Vista Seventh-day Adventist School in Auburn have had the privilege of assisting at the annual Pediatric Interim Care Center luncheon at the ShoWare Center in... More

AAA Students Benefit From SEEK Today Foundation

As crisp fall nights begin to chase away the warm summer days, our thoughts turn to bright white blue-lined paper, colorful sharpies and a bouquet of sharpened pencils. Here at Auburn Adventist... More

Grays Harbor, Choctaw Nation Honor Army Veteran

Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School students had an opportunity this year to expand their study of the Holocaust and its impact on Jews throughout Germany and beyond. Fifteen Grays Harbor... More

Port Angeles Holds Campout

Camp David, that high-security presidential retreat about 60 miles from Washington, D.C., conjures up all kinds of images for most of us. But across the U.S., on the north shore of Lake Crescent on... More

Lacey Professionals Present Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

When the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program leaders planned their fifth Lacey-area community outreach program, they did not know so many participants would travel from so far away to... More