Port Angeles Holds Campout

August 22, 2016 | Gary Ledbetter

Camp David, that high-security presidential retreat about 60 miles from Washington, D.C., conjures up all kinds of images for most of us. But across the U.S., on the north shore of Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula lies another Camp David, but this one is called Camp David Jr. One of the very few similarities of the two is they were both established about 1935.

The Port Angeles Church held one their more popular functions, the annual church campout, at Camp David Jr., on May 7. The head of the social committee, Lisa Burnett, organized the retreat. “One of the things I wanted to do,” says Burnett, “was to free up the people who have church responsibilities nearly every Sabbath morning while at the same time provide activities for all age groups.”

Some of those activities ranged from first-person “walk through the Bible” presentations on Sabbath morning to a mini polar bear dip in frigid Lake Crescent on Sunday morning. The walk through the Bible began on the deck of the lodge overlooking the pristine waters of Lake Crescent. Bible characters were portrayed by 3-year-old Justin Byers and his mother, Cheri, presenting the story of Jonah being swallowed by the big fish. This was immediately followed with Buddy Kruger giving a fascinating rendition of what Jonah may have been thinking throughout his ordeal.

Walking across the heavy timber deck the next presenter, Cheryl Ledbetter, gave a first-person insight to what may have been going through the mind of Anna, the prophetess in Matthew 2. From the book of Acts, Tim Burnett spoke about Paul and Silas and how their Christ-like attitude and behavior had such an impact on those around them.

Under the ancient pine trees surrounding the lodge, Dawna Krouse explored the emotions of the women trying to get Jesus attention for healing found in Mark 5. The walk was concluded with a first-person account of a frightened but privileged shepherd when the angels announced the birth of Jesus.

The Friday through Sunday campout was attended by 60–70 members and guests who were able to refresh and renew their relationship with not only each other but also with God in a beautiful natural setting. “Coming out here with my church family,” says Buddy Kruger, Port Angeles member, “is not only relaxing and peaceful, but it gives us yet another opportunity to connect with each other.”