Students Enjoy Outdoor School, Alaskan-Style

August 23, 2016 | Laurie Hosey

How do you outperform an outdoor school experience for students who live in a most magnificent outdoor environment? It really is a pleasurable feat, when you work with teachers and chaperones who love adventure, nature, Jesus, mobs of children, sleeping on floors, brown bagging food and playing basketball.

This most exquisite and unique experience outdoor school program included experiences like "A Night at the Aquarium," "Sleeping Under the Star(fish)" and "Voyaging on the Good Ship Alaska Explorer" — a marine science vessel containing labs, outdoor viewing stations, hands-on classes and seasickness medicine.

High seas, rain, closed roads, smashed sandwiches, ocean sickness and lack of sleep doesn’t keep Alaska’s fifth- through eighth-graders down and out. They are out there spotting whales, walrus, porpoises, birds, bears, bison, caribou, glaciers, octopus, otters, the Whittier Tunnel (a one-lane train track that trains and cars take turns on) and various other Alaska icons. 

When 86 Alaskan outdoor schoolers from all over Alaska gather together at night and in the morning for praising God, that is exactly what they do — praise God for the hardships and beauty, new friends, new knowledge, new animal sightings, and new spiritual attainments … and they do it all with new songs and stories of experience.

If you are looking and longing for a new, challenging, spiritual and academically strong experience in your life, sign up as a student or volunteer in an Alaskan Seventh-day Adventist school, especially during outdoor school.