Shadow Empire Series Heals

August 20, 2016 | Cathy Law

“I was just looking for a way to walk through the door,” explains one person who attended the Shadow Empire series at Idaho's St. Maries Church this spring. She had discontinued attendance at a former church after feeling ignored and unimportant.

The St. Maries Church began the series by Shawn Boonstra on April 28. Nearly 20, including seven guests, attended. Some were former Adventist members looking for a way to return. One couple had recently come under conviction this church had Bible truth, but life had its distractions — until the showing of the Shadow Empire.

“The facts about Constantine and the surrounding characters of his story unfold more like a novel than a seminar,” one attendee says. “Then the follow-up Bible study and discussion helps you connect the dots to the state’s intrusion into the church then — and now.”

All attendees were excited about a follow-up series, Revelation Speaks Peace. Two families continue to attend on Sabbath, and one is studying the Bible with John Pierce and his wife, Diana.

“This was really a healing series,” organizer Sue Clark says. “It gave some a purpose to come through our doors.”