Eileen Mallinson

Sutherlin Church communication leader

Sutherlin Holds Cooking School

A Healthy Living Cooking class was held in the Abundant Life Center of the Sutherlin Church on Sunday, July 31.


Baptisms Grow Sutherlin Church

The Sutherlin Church has grown by 18 new members in the past 11 months. It all began when then-pastor Ben Bilan taught a Truth Link series in the fellowship hall.


Four Winds Celebrates Baptism

Tom Cusick was raised in a large Catholic family as the middle child of seven. He attended Catholic school in Auburn, Wash., through the eighth grade.


From Depression to Joy in Jesus

Nicholas Clement grew up in an Adventist Christian home.


The Cheney Church Is on the Move

The members of the Cheney Church accepted an offer to sell their church building in November.