August 26, 2016

What About the Laptop?

Interesting article on grace by Pastor Weber in this month's issue of the Gleaner [Perspective, June 2016]. But what he didn't tell us was whether he found his laptop!

Ken James, Camas, Wash.

Weber Responds

It was never found, but insurance totally covered the cost of a new replacement. And, finally, somebody found my passport in a garbage bin, and the police returned it to my apartment quickly. Thanks for caring about the outcome of my calamity, which surely God worked for good according to His promise.


What About the Volunteers?

I enjoyed seeing the article about the Russian church ["Parousia Completes House of Prayer," June 2016]. The only disappointment was the Maranatha volunteer group that actually built the structure was not even mentioned.

Arland Sanborn, Redmond, Ore.

Gleaner Responds

Thank you for this reminder. We need to salute all volunteers, the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes for the glory of God.