AAA Students Benefit From SEEK Today Foundation

August 26, 2016 | Stacy Tejel

As crisp fall nights begin to chase away the warm summer days, our thoughts turn to bright white blue-lined paper, colorful sharpies and a bouquet of sharpened pencils. Here at Auburn Adventist Academy, the staff are anxious for the silent hall to be filled, anxious to see how much our returning students have grown and changed over the summer, and anxious to meet all of the new people arriving on campus. Due to all the new students we will be enjoying this year, we are happy to announce we have hired a few new people to complement our already amazing staff.

God is revealing Himself in amazing ways on our campus, and we are so grateful to everyone who has listened to His prompting and supported Auburn Adventist Academy over the years. SEEK (Support, Educate and Encourage Kids) Today is one of the organizations that has been instrumental in making it possible for kids to attend AAA. It is a not-for-profit investment foundation that distributes private funds to qualified students who desire to attend AAA.

The difference SEEK Today makes in kids' lives is palpable. This organization not only uses nearly 100 percent of donated funds for student aid but also takes a personal interest in each student awarded the financial support.

Students accepted into the program must maintain high standards in the areas of academics, citizenship, attendance and work. Students also receive mentoring and evaluations from teachers, employers and administration.

A returning student and SEEK Today recipient, Alice, explains, "The people who are a part of SEEK have shown me what a real family is like and, as I grow into adulthood, what I need to do to take care of myself and prepare myself for a prosperous and healthy future."

We encourage you to contact Jay Coon via email or by phone, 253-939-5000, ext. 229, at the AAA growth and development department if you would like to attend AAA this year or get on the list for next year. Come for a visit, take a tour, talk to some teachers and students, and see for yourself if Auburn Adventist Academy is where you need to be.