Cathy Law

Kamiah Church communication leader

previously wrote for the St. Maries Church

Warm Fellowship in Cold January

Members of the Kamiah Church in Idaho gathered in a member's home during the Ten Days of Prayer ( Jan. 10–20.


Getting Personal Brings Community to Kamiah

Kamiah (Idaho) Church members planned a "Carols for Christ" worship service during this past Christmas season to honor Jesus by depicting His miraculous birth, ministry on Earth, atoning death, inc


Kamiah Gives Christ at Christmas

With guitars, a banjo, voices and enthusiasm, members of the Kamiah Church went old-fashioned caroling in the neighborhood surrounding the church in Idaho.


Kamiah Members Get GLOWing

When Mission 365 extended the GLOW Northwest challenge for mission-minded members to distribute a million GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) tracts across the Northwest in a 10-day period (Oct.


Kamiah Comes Together for 'Ten Days of Prayer'

Though some of the worst weather conditions of the winter occurred in Kamiah, Idaho, during the Ten Days of Prayer — with record snowfall, subzero temperatures and ice — members of the Kamiah Churc


Shadow Empire Series Heals

“I was just looking for a way to walk through the door,” explains one person who attended the Shadow Empire series at Idaho's St. Maries Church this spring.


New Member Feels 'Like Family'

One day as Gail Resser and Sue Clark were working in the basement of the church, the door opened. A woman looked in and said, “I want Bible studies.”


St. Maries Parade Float Brings Hope

Members of the St. Maries Adventist Church in Idaho planned a float for the local Parade of Lights on Dec. 6, 2014.


St. Maries Christian School Gives and Receives Blessings

One of the biggest challenges for St. Maries Christian School in Idaho has been its necessary move into a shop at the Shadowy River Mall.


Amazing Adventures Attracts Salmon Children

Twelve-year-old Miranda didn't know what to expect. When Lorraine and Eddie Hamilton showed up to invite her to Amazing Adventures she wasn't sure.