January 2016


E.G. White Weekend Highlights Contemporary Relevance

The year 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of Ellen G. White’s death in 1915. To commemorate her prophetic gift and ministry within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the North Pacific Union...


Lighting a Gospel Wildfire

How many youth and young adults does it take to make a successful first-ever North Pacific Union outreach conference? Wildfire 2015 had a little more than 200 attendees.

Maybe that’s the...


Let's Talk


“If I am voted in as pastor of this church,” said the prospective pastor to the search committee, “I will work hard to bring us into the 20th century.”

A rather astute soul spoke up, “...



The End of the Story, Part 2

I hate bad endings — I always feel violated and like someone owes me an apology. I paid admission, risked a late fee at the library or wasted life by listening to someone forget the point of their...


Relational Adventism

Seventh-day Adventism parachuted onto the public square through the presidential campaign of Benjamin Carson. Suddenly we find ourselves talking about our faith with people who weren’t interested...


You Said It

Evangelism: Postmodern Answer or Dilemma?

Does the early church’s method of evangelism really work in the progressive, postmodern, liberal culture of today? Does publicly preaching our message really contribute to the growth and...



Una Caravana Evangelística con Sabor Colombiano

Después de un verano muy bendecido, habiendo recibido la visita del Pastor Alejandro Bullón en nuestro Campestre Hispano y gozado de un retiro de jóvenes con la mayor asistencia... More

Come to the Table: Tillamook Regional Medical Center Provides Dinner to Local Homeless Population

On a stormy night in November, Tillamook Regional Medical Center (TRMC) serves dinner at the Tillamook Adventist Church to the homeless. Folks come in from the dark, wind-whipped and wet, some... More

Alaska Conference Welcomes Returning Missionary Couple

On a recent Sabbath afternoon, the newly arrived missionaries to Selawik, Dennis and Judy Skandunas, were flown to Shungnak by Jim Kincaid in a mission plane to meet their counterparts in mission... More

Operation Christmas Child Deployed in Eagle River

Sabbath afternoon, Nov. 14, 2015, found the Eagle River Valley Church family engaged in its fourth annual shoebox packing party for Operation Christmas Child (OCC). While the... More

Middleton Church Hosts Fifth Annual Craft and Health Fair

What began with a question five years ago about community outreach has blossomed into a Middleton annual mainstay. 2015 represented the fifth consecutive year of the Craft and Health Fair coordinated... More

Mission on Fire

Hispanic Ministry Report “Lord, grant that the fire of my heart may melt the lead in my feet.” — Unknown In 2014, the Hispanic churches set their evangelistic goals for 2015.... More

Middleton Church Celebrates Reformation

Oct. 31, 1517, 33-year-old Martin Luther made the final decision to post his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Castle Church door. He was hopeful of starting a discussion concerning the efficacy of... More

KTSY Celebrates 25 Years of Ministry

Jennifer didn’t want to live anymore. Plagued for years, blaming herself for her baby’s death, she felt that if she hadn’t slept in on her day off, her baby wouldn’t have died... More

Missoula Autumn Tradition Combines Fun, Witnessing

On the evening of Aug. 10, 2015, while wind gusts ripped out trees, started numerous fires, and tore signs and shingles around Missoula, Earl [Redacted] and his wife, Christina, thought of the corn... More

Prineville Holds Annual October Fest

Prineville is a small town with a small Adventist congregation. The church's beautiful sanctuary holds many more than attend on any Sabbath morning. But once a year, it's... More

Salem Central Celebrates Special Sabbath

Sept. 26, 2015, was a very special Sabbath at Salem Central Church in Oregon as 13 people were baptized. Each of them gave a testimony before his or her baptism. Members were all... More

Rivergate Teacher Celebrates Long Adventist Education Career

Ken Smith is the first-grade teacher that one college student thanked for her full-ride scholarship. She said the lessons she learned in Smith’s class were the foundation of her love of... More

Rock Climbing Enhances Life Skills at PAA

You’d never guess that Will Howard has a fear of heights. He scampers spiderlike up and across walls and under overhangs at the Portland Rock Gym (PRG). He reaches great heights. “My... More

Sharon Church Ushers Autumn In on a High Note

Autumn is known to be the mellower season, but at Sharon Church in Portland, the season was anything but. Sharon Church was the host of two Spirit-filled events that were all about the goodness of... More

Students Explore God’s Second Book at Milo

In a world where life seems to be increasing in complexity, confusion and even chaos, students at Milo Adventist Academy are blessed to be living in close proximity to nature, God’s second book... More

Grants Pass Students Aim to 'Be Extraordinary'

It has been an extraordinary year at the Grants Pass Seventh-day Adventist School. In fact, this year’s theme is "Be Extraordinary!" The pastoral staff of the Grants Pass... More

PAES Sixth-Graders Learn About Brain, Bible

For the past eight years, Linda Waagen’s sixth-grade class at Portland Adventist Elementary School (PAES) has had a six-week course on how God created them, why God created them and why they... More

Luncheon Honors ACS Volunteers

More than 20 individuals were honored at the Upper Columbia Conference Adventist Community Services (UCC ACS) Appreciation Luncheon. Two of those honorees worked for more than 25 years in their areas... More

Creative Youth Summit Held in Post Falls

Focusing on the life of Christ can always be a transforming experience, and recently the folks at Summit Northwest Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho, realized just how true this can be. Bruce Marchiano... More

Spokane Valley Student Directs Symphony

When the Spokane Valley Adventist School (SVAS) sent in their required information to attend the Spokane Symphony's concert for fourth-graders in the Spokane, Wash., region and north Idaho,... More

UCC Women's Retreat Provides Rest

Almost 200 women and young women were rejuvenated at the Upper Columbia Conference Women’s Retreat held in October at Camp MiVoden at Hayden Lake, Idaho. The theme, "Confident,"... More

Pasco Ephesus Activates Millennials

The Pasco (Wash.) Ephesus Church is proactive about including millennials in their church life. Members observed that many milliennials were sporadically attending church and noticed that a... More

UCA Elementary School Featured at Mini Maker Faire

“That’s amazing!” “I’ve never seen that before.” “How does that work?” These were common statements heard at the Mini Maker Faire hosted at... More

Walla Walla-Area Schools Create Collaborative Band Program

Eric Anderson, Walla Walla Valley Adventist Schools (WWVAS) band director and one of the first faculty members to teach students in all three schools, isn’t shy about sharing his students... More

Big Picture of Ministry

Fundraising expert Lilya Wagner led nonprofit ministry leaders in a work session about funding their ministry activities. These leaders previously participated in two training sessions about... More

Forest Park Invites Community to Study Bible

The gospel of Matthew is filled with many soul-winning examples in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. The most climactic and often quoted words of the Master are found in Matt. 28:18–20... More

Deaf Ministries in Seattle

Puget Sound Adventist Deaf Ministries in Seattle, Wash., invited a few visitors to come and got a crowd when numbers swelled to 21 for deaf guest speaker Francisca Trexler on Oct. 24, 2015, at... More

Families Experience Student Life at Auburn

When Melinda Newell decided to enroll her home-schooled son, Samuel, as a freshman at Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA), it came with a lot of adjustments. “The first six weeks were... More

PSAA Honor Students Plan Service Campaigns

The Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) National Honor Society (NHS) chapter recently participated in three service campaigns with plans for more throughout the school year. NHS students... More

Student Newsletter Earns Double 'Wave' of Awards

Ask students about who likes to win an award, and nearly every hand will go up in the air. Whether for academics, physical education, citizenship or creativity, students respond enthusiastically when... More