Forest Park Invites Community to Study Bible

January 21, 2016 | Jason Morgan

The gospel of Matthew is filled with many soul-winning examples in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

The most climactic and often quoted words of the Master are found in Matt. 28:18–20, where Jesus commissions His followers to “go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them … .” The promise is then given that He will be with us as we seek to do all in our power to reach and save souls that are seeking the truth as it is in Jesus.

One of the ways Washington Conference has taken the initiative to follow the commission of Jesus was by employing two Bible workers — Shayna Taumua and Ethan Peterson — for Forest Park Church in Everett in preparation for an evangelistic series in October 2015.

Invitations to Learn

Lavonne Silva Sanchez, a mother of five, received one of the mailed Bible study invitations. She concurrently studied the Bible with the Jehovah Witnesses and the Seventh-day Adventists.

The Bible studies led into an Amazing Prophecies Revelation Seminar by Jason Morgan, NPUC evangelist. Sanchez attended each evening and learned about the love of God as illustrated in Daniel and Revelation. She and her family were baptized and joined the Adventist Church at the conclusion of the seminar series.

Dorothy Estelle received the handbill in the mail and immediately decided to attend nightly.

“After many questions have been left unanswered,” Estelle says, “I asked the Lord to send me something that would help me understand the book of Revelation in light of current events. I believe I have found the truth.”

Estelle invited her friend Sandi Randall to attend the seminar with her and was able to come for most of the series. The two women decided to be rebaptized and join the Adventist Church. “I know the Lord has led me here,” Estelle says.

Amber McGonagill also attended every night and would often arrive early. Though she had previously professed a faith in Christ, she wanted a genuine heart-commitment to Him. As the truth spoke to McGonagill’s heart, she fully committed her life to Jesus in the waters of baptism.

At the conclusion of the series, the Lord blessed the Forest Park Church with 21 baptisms and several more in preparation.

There are many people within our communities waiting to receive the gospel invitation. As we work together to give ourselves to God for the work of the ministry, Jesus promises His power and grace to bring the results that will finish the work until His coming.