Lighting a Gospel Wildfire

January 05, 2016

How many youth and young adults does it take to make a successful first-ever North Pacific Union outreach conference? Wildfire 2015 had a little more than 200 attendees.

Maybe that’s the wrong question. Let’s try again: How liked were the speakers of the young adult outreach conference? Wildfire 2015 had four keynote and breakout speakers, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for each of them — attendees resonated with their personal testimonies and said they found their advice on sharing the gospel to be inspiring.

But it still doesn’t seem we’ve hit on the right benchmark. Let’s try this one: How has the outreach conference impacted the local church and, more importantly, the communities of friends, co-workers and neighbors of the attendees? That’s the real question and the whole point of Wildfire: Taking the Gospel Viral, an outreach conference dedicated to inspiring, empowering and training youth and young adults to share their faith and make a significant impact for God.

We’ll collect some stories throughout the year and let you know what kind of long-term impact this conference has made. But for now, mark your calendars and plan on sending the young people in your congregation to Wildfire 2016 in the Seattle area Aug. 12–13, 2016.