December 2017



Above and beyond all the warm and winsome myths of Christmas is the divine story of redemption, a Word that became flesh and dwelt among us for an eternal purpose.

I was raised on stories...



NPUC Children's Leadership Conference Draws Hundreds

More than 300 children's ministries leaders from around the North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) attended the NPUC Children's Leadership Conference (CLC) held Oct. 12–15, 2017, in Portland, Ore...


Just Like Jesus

A Tunnel in the Moon

Someone told me NASA has an entire city of American astronauts who have been living deep in a tunnel in the moon since 1973. Funded by the Trilateral Commission and protected from radiation and...



Four Unlikely Mothers at Christmas

The unlikely cast of supporting characters surrounding the birth of Jesus is beyond belief, from this world’s perspective. Sleepless shepherds, pagans on a quest following a star through the...


Our Transcendent Brains

Change is a dirty word for a lot of people — until they get stuck. Sometimes when we get stuck along the way in life, the time we spend in that stuck place can make us wonder if anything can get...


You Said It


Social media feeds across the country recently blew up with countless #metoo postings. While many came from A-list celebrities, did you notice how many seemed to be posted by friends, colleagues...



Todo Miembro Involucrado

El logo de TMI en la foto arriba significa “Todo Miembro Involucrado;” es un impulso evangelístico de escala mundial que involucra a cada miembro, cada iglesia, cada entidad... More

Adventist Health Honors Physicians’ Commitment to Healing

There are a lot of wonderful reasons to live in a small, rural community, but having access to great medical care whenever you need it is not usually one of them. Unless, that is, you choose to live... More

North Carolina Students Support Arctic Missions

Recently the Alaska Conference received letter and donation from the Five Oaks Adventist Christian School in Durham, N.C., for the support of Arctic Missionary Volunteer Elouise Hawkes. The church... More

Juneau Pathfinders Experience Camporee Blessings

We almost missed out. We almost lost the chance for three young Pathfinders to publicly choose to follow Jesus, but, by God’s grace, we experienced His blessings. As the only Pathfinder... More

Adventures in the Routine

Over the years, people often tell me they want to do something significant for God. They don't feel their lives have made an impact in the way they hear in mission stories or... More

Meridian Launches God’s Closet, Overwhelmed by Response

When Meridian Church pastor Michael Pearson encouraged his church members to prayerfully consider developing acts of kindness projects to reach people in their community, church treasurer Beverly... More

MEA Students Work for Warmth

Several students and staff from Mount Ellis Academy (MEA) in Bozeman, Mont., recently teamed up with church members from the community to reach out to the local homeless population. Being homeless in... More

CAA Chapel Highlights Quality Students

Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) in Battle Ground, Wash., is blessed to have an increase in the number of students this year but as we all know, “it’s quality, not quantity.” This... More

PAA Unplugs From Media

Portland Adventist Academy media and persuasion (MP) students are asking tough questions about how screens are shaping their generation and how they can be different. As digital natives, most... More

Riverside Hosts Apple Festival

The 27th annual Riverside Christian School Apple Festival was held in Washougal, Wash., on Oct. 8, 2017. Church members and school families volunteered for weeks to prepare for the largest... More

Oregon Pathfinders Take on Pathfinder Challenge

As kids head back to school many of them are sharing great memories of their summer time, stories of summer camp or vacations with the family. For some they are telling of their adventures at the... More

Milo Adds Free-Range Eggs to Agriculture Program

A generous friend of Milo Adventist Academy in Days Creek, Ore., donated approximately 350 chicks to Milo’s agriculture program. According to Jeff Birth, Milo's agriculture director, in... More

Golf Course to Seminary and Back to School

Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) in Battle Ground, Wash., has been blessed to have fantastic principals over its 104-year history, and the last three years have been no different with Jeff Jackson... More

CCA Makes a Difference in Wenatchee

Cascade Christian Academy (CCA) in Wenatchee, Wash., participated in Make a Difference Day on Oct. 26, 2017, with projects for all of their students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Some of the... More

Discussions, Texting Inspire UCA Week of Prayer Topics

Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash., experienced week of prayer in October presented by Jason Calvert, youth pastor of the Kettering Church in Ohio. Eric Johnson, UCA principal, led staff... More

Kettle Falls Offers Free Lunch

When Kettle Falls (Wash.) Church members were asked by another local area church if they would be interested in taking over providing free community meals each Thursday, Patty Marsh felt convicted... More

Pathfinders Reap Harvest of Souls

What do kids miss if your church doesn’t have a Pathfinder club? The answer came home to me in a flood recently. Every year a church (or five) struggles with whether or not they will offer... More

Kettle Falls Develops Video Evangelism

"I don't do door to door cold turkey. There has to be other ways to reach people," Mick Dunnewin of Kettle Falls, Wash., stated. "But what can I do?" Realizing you can... More

Students Discover Ancient Coins on Bible Lands Study Tour

In a modern society, people tend to assume all traces of the past have already been tucked away in museums. But when 41 Walla Walla University (WWU) students roamed the Middle East during the Bible... More

Auburn Committee of 100 Covers Special Projects

More than $125,000 was donated to Auburn Adventist Academy’s nonbudgeted projects during a business brunch on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017, thanks to the Committee of 100. The Committee of 100... More

Cascade Eagles Complete Seventh Annual 'Apple Pie Make' Fundraiser

Once a year, at 8 a.m., the Cascade Eagles Pathfinders of North Cascade Church in Burlington, Wash., gather together to raise funds by making apple pies. The apple pie fundraiser started in 2010... More

Washington Conference Hosts Local Communication Summit

Fifty-five pastors, teachers, students and local communicators gathered in October for a Local Communication Summit at the Washington Conference to learn how to use social media effectively for the... More

Education Joins Sunset Lake Camp for Outdoor School

Washington Conference Office of Education joined with Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash., to provide students with a different learning environment early October. “[Outdoor School] is great... More

Growing Young Cohorts

“Young adult ministry isn’t about church hype, but church health.” This statement from Jake Mulder, director of strategic initiatives at Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and co-... More