Kettle Falls Develops Video Evangelism

November 14, 2017 | Nancy Dunnewin

"I don't do door to door cold turkey. There has to be other ways to reach people," Mick Dunnewin of Kettle Falls, Wash., stated. "But what can I do?"

Realizing you can reach the world today through media and technology and in an effort to find other ways to witness using his skills and passion for doing videos, Dunnewin gathered a small team together, including Ken LeBrun and Shahbaz Bakhshnia, to make short evangelistic videos. Their first production is called "Into the Looking Glass." Their video "Easy Street?" is nearing completion

Through his study of the Scriptures, Spirit of Prophecy and other writings, Dunnewin is trying creative ways for reaching people with the truths we all hold so dear. So far the response has been very positive. Encouraged by this response, Dunnewin and his team are inspired to create more videos on subjects such as the state of the dead, the rapture, faith and works, the Sabbath, and other fundamental beliefs.

His goal is to make feature-length films that share the gospel using biblical truth. He is also looking into making a documentary with Bakhshnia on how to reach Muslims and another documentary with LeBrun on his Daniel and Revelation series.

The videos are available online:

"Easy Street?"

"Into The Looking Glass"