Dick Duerksen

Oregon Conference storycatcher and storyteller

The Hound Scan

Marcy has cancer — at least that’s what the medical gurus say.


New Director Welcomed to Better Life Broadcasting

Better Life Broadcasting Network, based in Grants Pass, Ore., has named Charles Oliver as its new director. Oliver began work on Jan.


Cracker's Family

Cracker was born 38 years ago to a homeless couple. Born on a street, in a corner by the door of an abandoned building.


What If

Yesterday Herod’s troops murdered my son. “He might be the Fake King,” they said, “so Herod, the Real King, says all pretenders must die. Tough deal.”


I Want

This was not my plan for today.


Big Lake Gets Blessed by U.S. Marines

One hot afternoon last summer a couple of U.S.


Biker Picnic

For each of the last 15 years, the King’s Riders of the Washington State Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) host a special meal in the park for other bikers.


The Law

Sin is choosing to go my way rather than God’s way.

Sin is living like I know better.

Sin is “me first.”

Sin is separation from God and His will.


What Camp Meeting Is All About

Camp meeting. It was never really about camping.


Big Lake Opens PCT Welcome Center

It began with a simple request, “Could I have a drink of water?”