Kathy Marson

Upper Columbia Conference communication administrative assistant
Upper Columbia Conference

A Different Kind of School

Picture a young student, not able to climb a hill, carried by an airman.


Spokane Valley Presents Journey to the Cross

More than 1,200 guests, 200 actors, numerous musicians, three nights, and one goal—to experience the Journey to the Cross, a journey through the final scenes of Jesus' li


Colville Valley Family Radio Hosts Open House for New Studio

Colville Valley Family Radio celebrated the completion of their new studio with an open house on a cold, foggy Thursday, Oct. 18.


Setting Up Messiah's Mansion

It takes many people to put together Messiah's Mansion, but not nearly the number it took to set up the original tabernacle and its furnishings during the time of Moses.


New Hispanic Coordinator Joins Upper Columbia Conference

A new Hispanic coordinator, Walter Pintos Schmidt, recently started work for the Upper Columbia Conference.


Maximum Perspectives Presidential Blog

A recent addition to the front page of the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) Web site is the presidential blog, Maximum Perspectives.


Church Growth Coordinator Retires

After 42 years of service in the Adventist church, Jim and Fran Kilmer retired on Aug. 1.


Tumwater Canyon Near Leavenworth Claims Two Lives

Two Adventist women, Meghan Doggett, 21, and Mindy Cosaert, 16, died by drowning in the Wenatchee River near Leavenworth, Washington, on July 15.