Kathy Marson

Upper Columbia Conference communication administrative assistant
Upper Columbia Conference

New Communication Director Joins Upper Columbia Conference Team

Upper Columbia Conference has named Garrett Caldwell as the new assistant to the president for communication.


Early Childhood Education Essential to Return to God

In spite of many years in Adventist schools and growing up in an Adventist family, Gary Evans drifted away from God.


Miracle Money Helps Man Fulfill Pledge to Positive Life Radio

Opening the morning mail for KEEH radio station revealed an unusually fat envelope.


Russian Exchange Planned for Camp MiVoden

In an effort to establish a summer camp exchange program in Russia, Floyd Murdoch, Zaoksky Adventist Theological Seminary vice president, invited Richard Parker, Camp MiV


The Power of Prayer 777 Friendship Evangelistic Festival

When An-Marie Kromminga first heard about the 777 commitment, she deliberated before she signed on. She didn’t want to make a promise that she might not be able to keep.


Accepting the Call

It is unusual for Peter Trzinski, pastor of the All Nations Adventist Church near Wapato, Wash. to be at a loss for words.


The Ordination of AJ Grant

When Ronda and Bob Backman invited 17-year-old Aman Joseph "AJ" Grant to attend camp meeting with them, they didn't know God's plan for him, and neither did AJ.


Ken LeBrun Ordained to the Gospel Ministry

It was on a mountainside beneath some sheltering trees where Jesus called the twelve disciples and sent them out to preach.