IMPACT in Pasco Will Empower Communities

"The Lord blessed the IMPACT event far beyond my expectations," says Patty Marsh, director of Adventist Community Services for the Upper Columbia Conference.

People who came to IMPACT expecting to learn how to help their communities were pleasantly surprised because they learned how to love like Jesus loves. Carla Peavy, attendee, says, "It was amazing! It was about kindness to the community. It completely matched all the things I have been thinking about lately."

More than 300 attendees heard stories about how to put Love In Action through speakers David Jamieson, Judith Miranda and the afternoon seminars. Some asked Marsh to make this a yearly event.

The offering of $1,300 will be used to benefit the Deary, Idaho, ACS food bank center. In addition, six individuals accepted a challenge by Jamieson, to take $100 and put it to good use in their communities.