From Depression to Joy in Jesus

Nicholas Clement grew up in an Adventist Christian home. As a child, a lot of what his parents taught him about the Bible he either didn’t understand, or it scared him.

As he grew older, Clement went into a serious state of depression. His parents were puzzled, and he perceived their efforts negatively. It got to the point where Clement wouldn’t even talk with his parents. He withdrew into his room, spending most of his time alone. His depression led to suicidal thoughts. But something inside of him caused him to live just one more day.

Clement's depression led to an unhealthy Internet addiction. Lost in an unreal world, he developed addictions to video games and comic books.

One thing Nicholas is thankful for is that he still prayed on a regular basis. Years later, with a little encouragement from his sister, Jennifer, he began attending the Four Winds Adventist Church.

As he began reading his Bible, God changed his heart and his life. Freed from his addictions, Clement was baptized and has now started a Bible study group in his apartment complex. He can’t sit still nor keep from telling others of the changed life he has with Jesus Christ.

October 01, 2005 / Upper Columbia Conference