Four Winds Celebrates Baptism

Tom Cusick was raised in a large Catholic family as the middle child of seven. He attended Catholic school in Auburn, Wash., through the eighth grade. After he moved away from home, he stopped attending church and didn't return until he met Jan, his future wife, who had been an Adventist since childhood.

Jan told him that a condition of their relationship was that he had to attend church with her every week and could not mock her beliefs. Cusick faithfully attended church services on Saturday with Jan, who often explained things to him on their way home.

Paul Lundgrin, Four Winds Church (Four Lakes, Wash.) pastor, visited with Cusick many times. They shared a love of sports, and Cusick appreciated their visits and grew to like Lundgrin.

After attending church faithfully for three years, Cusick realized that he could not be sure of tomorrow and that he already was functioning as an Adventist and wanted to make it official. He is completely convinced that Adventists have a message of truth and hope second to none, and he wanted to be a part of spreading the word of Jesus' soon return.

Cusick is a foreman on a construction crew and is the subject of some good-natured teasing of "church boy." He also learned after many late night hours of heated debate not to discuss religion with his Catholic siblings.

Though members of both the Upper Columbia Academy Church and the Four Winds Church were friendly and accepting, Tom and Jan decided to join Four Winds because they thought their talents might be of better service there.

Cusick does not know what he might be called to do in the church, but he is willing and brings with him many talents, which he looks forward to using for the Lord.