Praying for Rain

The members of the Salmon (Idaho) Church were excited as the appointed 10 days (June 27–July 7) of Operation Global Rain approached. Operation Global Rain was a 10-day prayer event modeled after the early church in Acts 2. Ever since the falling of the early rain at Pentecost, the Church has expected the Holy Spirit in the form of the Latter Rain (Zechariah 10:1).

The meetings ran from 7 to 8 p.m. each night, beginning with singing. After Pastor Tom Lighthall's opening remarks on repentance, reformation and rebirth, the members split into groups to pray for urgent requests and particularly for the Holy Spirit's presence.

Each night there were testimonies of how God had answered their prayers. Some struggled to give up addictions, others made wrongs right.

"I know the Holy Spirit spoke through me!" said one woman, telling of the surprise she experienced when she repeated a Bible verse that silenced a woman who was arguing with her.

"It is great not only having the children here, but having them praying in the prayer circles!" said one adult.

Lighthall said, "The experience was very connecting, and you looked forward to the next meeting." About 25 to 35 members attended.

Several significant answers to prayer came immediately following the 10-night prayer vigil. For example, attendance for Vacation Bible School was the highest ever, with 74 children attending. "I know it was because of the prayers that went up during Operation Global Rain," Darcy Jackson, the director, said.

In another example, church members learned Daryl Knauff, a member who had moved away, had serious medical concerns. The mighty power of prayer was demonstrated when, after many diagnostic tests, Knauff received a clean bill of health.

Though God may not have seen fit to send the Latter Rain yet, the church is enjoying the results of our prayer event as testimonies, sharing on revival, reformation, Jesus' soon return, and praying side by side continue. For the joy of many, Operation Global Rain has been the catalyst God has used to revive the mid-week prayer service.

October 01, 2007 / Momentum